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New post from the homeless man

October 16th, 2017

So I’m finally getting kicked out of my place. As most of you know from offline conversations, I’ve had an ongoing feud with my landlord. I’ve been living in a dive basically, with cockroaches scattering across the floor when the light comes on and everything. The refrigerator barely works, only one burner on the stove works, there are stains on the wall. It’s nasty.

Of course, the brochure looks nothing like that. On the website, it looks like a pristine little set of apartments. I had to put down a deposit without seeing it before moving to Austin just so I’d have a place, and boy will I never make that mistake again.

But, there I was, in a new city, and I’d already put the money down, so I thought I could make the best of it. I moved in, bought some furniture, talked to the landlord, and it seemed like everything was going to work out alright. He said all the right things (recent renovation project, just haven’t gotten to your place, next on the list, sending the repairman, etc.). Since then, it’s been six months and nothing’s better. So, I fought back, which was probably stupid. I got worked up, and I stopped paying rent. I told my landlord I wouldn’t pay a cent until something was done about…everything.

Well, it worked out probably as you can guess. He used my refusal to pay rent as a way to kick me out.

Now, I’m homeless. It’s not that bad, I’m mean, it’s bad, but I’m not writing this sitting down an alley in a cardboard box. I’ve made some great friends here in Austin, and I have a place to stay while I look for something better. What I don’t have, though, is a place to put my stuff. My stuff is currently clogging the hallway of my friend, getting him yelled at by his far superior but still rather irritable landlord.

What I need is to find a place quick, but of course, now my work is keeping me there at all hours because we have a big project coming up.

In my few free moments, I found a place like looks really good, but I’m nervous about agreeing to anything again when I haven’t seen it in person.

I tell you, that situation really gets my blood up. My friend that I’m crashing with thinks I should sue, but I don’t have the money or the time for something like that. I’ll let it go, I’m sure, as I always do about these sorts of things. But I wouldn’t mind if the guy got struck by a lightning bolt crossing the street or something.