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Social Security Disability Important Documents

November 2nd, 2013

Applying for a disability benefit at Social Security Administration can be complicated, but it is worth it especially if you are unable to work for more than a year. Having a Social Security disability benefit can be essential for those who wish to make ends meet while unable to work or find work. There are, however, certain situations or circumstances where applications can be denied. It is important to understand more about Social Security disability in order to guarantee that your application is approved or delayed.

Certain criteria should be met in order for a benefit to be merited. Based on the qualification of the Social Security Administration, a medical impairment considered “severe” should be the reason why you can’t perform a substantial work quality, and it should be significant enough to last at least a year. Or it can cause death to the victim. It is also necessary to prove that the medical impairment is the actual cause you are unable to find work of equal capacity, and that it prevents you from finding other work or adjusting to other possible employment.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you should also have sufficient work credits: that is, you have worked long enough to cover for Social Security. Although young workers can apply with fewer credits, generally it is necessary to have 40 credits (where 20 were earned in the past 10 years of employment). It takes about six months to have the results of the disability benefits to be known; therefore applying as early as you have determined your disability would be a better decision.

The complexities of a Social Security disability application can be complicated to many, thus having a legal advisor could aid in getting things done successfully.

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