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What to do after a Dangerous Dog Bite

April 16th, 2013

Dogs play a huge role in family life, but they can still be unpredictable. About half of dog bite incidents happen to the dog owner’s themselves, and according to the CDC, about 4 million Americans are victims of dog bites every year. When a dog has bitten you or someone in your family, then you are entitled to ask for compensation for the injury you or your loved one has received.

Victims of dog bites have every right to get compensation as payment for his or her losses and damages. The compensation asked by the victim and their personal injury attorneys cover a number of harm experienced by the victims. The two main categories of harm in which a victim of a dog bite can get compensation are:

  1. Economic damages – covers the medical bills, lost wages due to the injury, possible medical treatment and surgeries for scars, future psychological expenses, property damages, and many others.
  2. Non-economical damages – psychological damages, pain and suffering caused by the injury, social stigma due to the scars, decreased quality of life because of disability, mental trauma, etc.

The main goal of talking with personal injury attorneys is to help victims get the necessary compensation for the damages and harm caused by the incident. It is their job to fully determine the extent of the damages and sufficiently compute the fair amount of compensation. However, this process can be hard and complicated because a lot of factors should be considered and taken into account, therefore getting the right and experienced personal injury attorneys would be the best option for any victim hoping to receive proper compensation.

We can’t dismiss the importance of having pets in our home, but in order to prevent any harm from getting a dog as a pet, it is essential for future dog owners to be well educated about which dog breeds are best suitable for their family, and that every family member should be briefed on how to act and treat dogs to avoid aggression and future dog bites.



  • Alexander & Associates says on: June 27, 2013 at 8:04 pm


    What is the law for dogs that have been attacked by other dogs? Our neighbor’s dog was severely injured on its neck by a few vicious dogs that trespassed through their fence.

  • says on: July 1, 2013 at 8:15 pm


    Dog bites can be extraordinarily dangerous. If you aren’t careful, they could take your hand off.

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